Summer, Fall, and Winter Updates

A lot has happened since my last update. Here is a list:

  • I finished an independent study with Steve Locke on exhibitions.
  • I finished my artist assistant position with Sandrine Schaefer on her projects ACCUMULATION 2 and LONG TERM in Toronto.
  • I participated in a workshop with Vest & Page and met some amazing artists such as Eames Armstrong, Adriana Disman, Lo Bil, and others.
  • I went to Nepal with a travel course and learned about a few forms of social practice.
  • My partner and I are now living separately.
  • My mother passed away in September.
  • I co-curated the Nepal exhibition and performed in the 2014 BIG SHOW at MassArt.
  • I am no longer studying art education.
  • I have made a goal to be honest with my peers over moments of institutional racism and sexism. 
  • I went to the November 25th #IndictAmerica protest.
  • I updated the website with some new images, delegated works, and writings.

There you have it. With only 16 days left in December, I wrap up 2014 with hopes to cope with grievances and reflect on the positive. This semester has been the toughest on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I look forward to 2015 with opportunities for exhibition, curation, and unrest.