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Repetition makes Practice makes Perfect

IRL: N181 Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Periscope: @vixchange & @arttochokeheart

Performance for Virtual International Exchange

"Repetition makes practice makes perfect”

<div><br></div>I am creating my fantasy self, I'm trying to get back to my Real.&nbsp;<div>I'm Othering myself.&nbsp;</div><div>I am witnessing myself.&nbsp;</div><div>I is ego.&nbsp;<div>Identity is political.&nbsp;</div><div>My hair is political.&nbsp;</div><div>Look at all of the perspectives. Repetition makes practice makes perfect.&nbsp;</div><div>Watch my pixelations and passivity.&nbsp;</div><div>I'm bougie.&nbsp;</div><div>I'm poor.&nbsp;</div></div><div>I'm passing time.&nbsp;</div><div>You're passing time.&nbsp;</div>

As a Cambodian American woman, I use diasporic identity in my work to convey layers of being and relationships. I am soul searching, most likely through you.

Through installation and delegated interaction, I am projecting my identity on you and gauging your reaction. Weaving personal tales and interaction, I delegate the audience in conversation and action.

Taking the form of social constructs and objectivity, I am critiquing communication and the politics of identity. To me, Live Action is the ability to fabricate situations of childhood trauma and adult responsibility while seeking alternative perspectives and possibilities. I seek intersectional meaning and memory in others by Other-ing.