Delegated Works

conceptualized by Elaine Thap

for anyone to perform

Zine as Performance

‘=/-‘ February 2015

Materials: wool socks, carpet, balloons, needle, written notes

1.Ask people who enter the space to take off shoes.

2.Put on wool socks.

3.Rub feet on carpet while telling a story about a missed connection.

4.Take that negativity and blow it into a black balloon.

5.Rub the balloon on my head.

6.Pop the balloon with needle.


“I have never loved someone the way I love you.”
’I.O.U.’ April 2014

Materials: 17 white blindfolds, printed directions, at least 15 performers

When I give you a word, take the time to say the syllables for 30 seconds or more. You can count the seconds in your head.

Put on the fold, clear your mind. Imagine a place that makes you happy. Begin your chant.

Duration: 1 hour
’Harlow’s Mother’ 2014

Materlals: Sentimental song, mannequin, music player with headphones, vinyl letter stickers spelling ‘hug me’

Add song to music player on loop. Find a space with a wall, place mannequin in front of wall. Add text to wall. Play song, embrace mannequin and listen. Repeat ritualistically.
’Abramovic Method’ 2013

Materials: At least 10 people, white modified paint protective suit, operational headlamp, toy whistle, grapes, white or black tape, table, the directions below printed.

1. Put on suit.
2. Put on headlamp.
3. Create line using tape.
4. Gesture for people to form a line.
5. Hold grapes with right hand.
6. Blow whistle to signal next person in line.
7. Repeat for 8 hours or until grapes are gone.